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I'm Fabrizio. I co-founded Superlinear, where I push pixels around. I'm an incurable overthinker, I love taking photos around the world, and I can't sit still in a room for too long.

I'm in Antibes (France) right now, probably listening to SebastiAn, Jaeden Camstra, Justice or Cliff Martinez.

The latest thing I wrote is “Friction”.


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latest designs

I've founded and I'm the designer at Superlinear

Superlinear is a young bootstraped software company based in Milan. My co-founder and friend Francesco is the developer. We love creating ultra-polished apps and services that people love to use everyday.

Check out our products

I've directed the sci-fi short film Encounter

Encounter was my directorial debut. It's a sci-fi short film that has been crowdfunded, and since it was finished it's been screened in many film festivals around the world. Among them, the Vancouver International Film Festival.

I've designed apps used by millions at Bending Spoons

For almost 2 years I’ve worked as the lead Product Designer at Bending Spoons. With our amazing team we've created some of the company’s most popular and profitable apps, and for most of that time I was the only visual designer working on these apps. Scroll down to see some of the products I've worked on.

Here are some of the apps I've designed

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